Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Turkeys in the oven

The heritage turkeys were a huge success.  I'm not sure my girls would agree as each of them have been spurred by a tom almost their own size!  Once mating season began, those Toms were a little too frisky.  However, we did put multiple turkeys in the oven to roast, and it was literally the best meat I have ever eaten.  (Well, with the exception of the grass fed ground beef we got from a friend of ours which we lovingly called 'the chocolate cow' - they made one entire cow into ground meat instead of taking steak and roast cuttings first.  Try it sometime, you won't believe the difference!)

The Narragansett turkeys don't get too big to breed like the white broad breasted.  They are just right for your oven, and they are still viable.  Our ladies started laying the end of march, and we have collected 17 eggs to try incubation.  They sat outside a while as we hoped one of the hens would get broody.  Since that never happened, we decided to give it a shot on our own.  At $15 per chick, 17 eggs would be worth $255 to us.  Not only that, but we could get them in earlier than last year as they were on backorder until July.

This breed is truly striking, and I am very glad we added them to the farm.  I refer to them each as Poof, because of the silly poofing sound they make when they raise their feathers in defense of the hens.  The 'poof' along with the spontaneous 'gobble, gobble' have lightened my heart and made me laugh all season.

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