Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Earning your way

It must be known if you have tried to follow my blog that I took a sabbatical to earn a little money for the farm.  Don't expect to fund from an empty bank account.  We have still been plodding along at the place, so progress is definitely being made.  I have been working retail since last October, and the one thing I've learned is that a steady paycheck is just an excuse to spend more money (on work clothes, eating out more often, gas, new car, entertainment because you feel guilty for leaving the family for such long periods of time, etc. etc.)  So, just as soon as the cards are paid in full and extra money is socked aside for the upcoming summer, I will gladly say goodbye to selling other people's stuff and focus again on the farm, the family, and the writing and photography I love. 

Since I have a little time this afternoon, I want to try to catch you up.  Don't be shocked by the multiple blog posts!  We've been really busy around here.  :-)

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